Next event is June 9, 2018

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“It is our duty as responsible firearm owners to promote safety and education, especially among the youth who are the future of shooting sports. As a nation, we are concerned about firearm safety and being a responsible firearm owner. Respect and responsibility are taught by firearm education, but even more so by example. We as firearm owners must set an example for our youth by exhibiting safe firearm practices. Daughters at the range works with young ladies for 1.5 hrs of introduction and instruction. Ultimately, families are responsible for our youths' education in firearm safety and the shooting sports. Parents must include firearm safety in their youths' education as a step to becoming responsible firearm owners.” Janette Story

“This is such a rewarding program for the young ladies in our community. It will provide a sound foundation that these young ladies can build a lifetime of shooting on.” Hardy White